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Updated 8/25/22
In my Directions series, the combination of organic lines along with the structures of the grids was inspired by maps, aerial views, and natural and urban landscapes.  

These mixed media fiber constructions combine hand-dyed and painted cotton and silk fabrics, fused sheers, screen-printing, metallic and rayon threads, heavily machine stitched.

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Directions Gallery
Directions #7    
48.5"h x 35"w   $3000
detail view
Directions #8       
43"h x 43"w           $3200
detail view
Dimensions #7
19.5"h x 16"w      $560  
detail view
** Mounted on  stretcher bars
Directions #9  
52"h x 18"w    SOLD
Directions #16    
53"h x 41"w        $3800
detail view

Directions #2             
32"h x 32"w                $1900
detail view
Directions #1             
32"h x 32"w                $1900
detail view
Directions #18            ©2015
24"h x 29"w                $1950
        SALE $1500
detail view
Directions #19         ©2017
19"h x 14"w              $650
      SALE $375
** Mounted on black textured fabric  on stretcher bars
    Mounted  size is  22"h  x 16".
Directions #13  
24"h x 18"w      $750  
  SALE $500
Directions #27        ©2022
18"h x 11"w           $450
            detail view
** mounted on stretcher bars