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Updated 10/22/23
Colorfields are inspired by the colors and textures found in raw and polished rocks, and the relationship between the small precious and semi-precious gems of color and the surrounding matrix.   

These mixed media fiber constructions combine hand-dyed and painted cotton and silk fabrics, fused sheers,  metallic and rayon threads, heavily machine stitched.

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Colorfields: Corundum  c2022
36"h x 36"w              $3150
detail view   
Colorfields: Tanzanite 
52"h x 40"w                 $4000
detail view   
Colorfields: Spalerite  c2021
23"h x 23"w              $1295
  detail view
Colorfields: Ametrine 
45.5"h x 36"w            $3100
        SALE $2500
detail view  
Colorfields: Beryl        
39"h x 50"w                 $3800
          SALE $3000
Colorfields : Chrysocolla    c2022
43"h x 32"w            $3550
  detail view   
Colorfields : Rhodochrosite  c2022
27"h x 40"w            $3850
  detail view
Colorfields : Rhodonite  c2022
33"h x 33"w            $2850
detail view