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Updated 4/12/16
Colorfields: Tourmaline
36"h x 36"w
Kaiser Permanente, CO            

A select collection of sold works

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Colorfields: Fluorite 
36"h x 36"w
Kaiser Permanente, CO           

Colorfields: Carnelian  
40"h x 40"w               
St.Tammany Justice Center collection     
Colorfields:  Citrine & Jade 2    
each: 32.5"h x 31"w               Roanoke Trading Services, IL     
Colorfields:  Aurum       
3.5"h x 35"w                    
commissioned for the New Orleans Marriott     
Colorfields Series
Geoforms Series
Circles Series
Geoforms: Porosity Gold
each 52"h x 21"w
The Venetian Macao, Macau            

Geoforms: Porosity #7 
49"h x 48"w               
Collection of Kaiser Permanente CO
Geoforms: Porosity #6 
48"h x 48"w                 

Geoforms: Porosity #10
41.5"h x 44"w               

Circles #16              
29"h x 29"w              
Circles #15              
29"h x 29"w              
Circles #17              
29"h x 29"w             
Circles #15,16,17 are part of The Claiborne Collection, a permanent collection of the State of Louisiana
Circles #27 Rouge    
35"h x 35"w             
commissioned for 
New Orleans Marriott
Circles #25             
26"h x 26"w             

Circles #20            
24.5"h x 24.5"w      

Ladders #14    
32.5"h x 17"w 
Ladders Series
Geoforms: Porosity #15 
40"h x 24.5"w 
private collection